January 21, 2020 11:32 AM

No place for antisemitism.

There is absolutely no place for antisemitism within the Labour Party, and I will put all my energy into rebuilding trust with the Jewish community.

My first major meeting will be with Jewish Labour Movement - they are Labour's official Jewish affiliate and we must trust them. I’ll separate the complaints process from head office, making it truly independent - to begin the process of rebuilding the trust. Once that new team is in place, I'll immediately get them to review all cases, acting swiftly and expelling antisemites. For future, I'll put a time limit on when cases need to be resolved by (for now and in future).

The investigation from the Equality and Human Rights Commission is not an optional piece of diversity training, it's an embarrassment that this issue has gone so far without real action. The report they produce and the actions they want Labour to take are not optional - they are legally binding. I promise to fully adopt, without hesitation - every single one of their proposed steps.

We are an open party, who welcome everyone from every background, no longer can we kick these issues into the long grass and offer the bare minimum in support and process.

As Deputy Leader no form of racism will be accepted in our party.

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